Buy Your Car Insurance Online in the Philippines

Car insurance is first of all required by law before you are allowed to drive your vehicle on a public road. Secondly your car insurance is for your financial protection when you have damages to your car or cause damage to another vehicle. The insurance policy is a financial contract between yourself and the insurance provider, shielding you

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How to get a Car Insurance in the Philippines AutoDeal

Getting car insurance has gotten even easier thanks to most insurance providers shifting to an online platform for a hassle-free experience. Read More Can I renew my insurance before it expires? Jet Sanchez · Sep 09, 2021 You don’t have to wait until the last day before you renew your insurance.

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Types of car insurance coverage Autodeal

The role of car insurance. The basic role of car insurance is to cover the cost of damage or repairs when you get into an accident. However, regular car insurance does not protect your vehicle from any normal wear and tear. This means that the insurance agency will not release any money to your if you want it repaired under these circumstances.

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